Due to lack of posts lately, I figured I would put out a few reviews for you guys ❤

I will be reviewing the skin conditioning gel by Skleer. It is an all natural gel that is designed to help and improve your skin. It works on all skin types and some conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis etc. I personally just used this on my face, I have dry acne prone skin. Within just seconds of applying it absorbed into my skin and it felt so smooth. I was amazed staring at myself in the mirror touching my face over and over. The only down fall for me is the smell, its is medicinal and cinnamon smelling. It was a bit strong for me, however the results are so worth it. Plus, within a few minutes I could no longer smell it.

Showing it going into the lower layer-via Skleer website.

Now, how does this product work? Its natural ingredients penetrate and absorb into the lowest layer of your skin. This is where the production of skin cells occur. This gel provides an excellent environment for the cells to do their thang. This product contains various oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, cardamom, caraway and cinnamon oil. It is paraben and contains no harmful acids/chemicals.Their site has a great break down on what the various oils help do, I recommend you check it out!

Have you tried this product? What did you use it for? I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions down below. Thanks

Learn&Purchase Here

Side note: They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, but I bet you ill be! #skleeracnepsoriasiseczema


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